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India houses about 1.2 billion people, of which about 300 million Indians do not have access to electricity. With about a quarter of its people being deprived of access to electricity, India faces a formidable challenge in meeting the growing energy demands of its vast population in a clean and affordable manner. Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development (G.R.I.D.) Private Limited is a mission-driven start-up that provides low cost energy solutions to the rural areas in South and SE Asia. G.R.I.D. primarily aims at providing electricity to the un-electrified villages located in far flung areas with no connection to the main power grid. Some of the villages are located at such a distance where in all the electricity is lost during the transmission, thus, leaving the village dark. G.R.I.D. works towards a holistic inclusion of such villages into the mainstream development paradigm through various application of renewable energy.

Grassroots and Rural Innovative Development (G.R.I.D.) Pvt. Ltd. established in 2015 was initially incubated by Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore along with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

G.R.I.D.’s vision is a world with zero lack of energy access. It strongly believes that in current era holistic well-being of human society is essentially linked to energy access. Energy plays a vital role in providing basic services like healthcare, clean drinking water and education and hence, no one should be deprived of its access.


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