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Micro G.r.i.d.'s

Electricity needs of people are ever increasing and micro grids are the perfect solution for areas where national grid has not reached. At G.R.I.D. we provide, install and operate solar powered micro grids to communities. A micro grid can provide 6-7 hours of electricity to a hamlet every day and does not require manual operation once installed. This is a sustainable, relatively cheap and a long term solution for un-electrified areas as it is easily installable, autonomous to the village or hamlet, can be maintained locally and runs on solar power, which is reliably available throughout the year. We empower communities by giving them responsibility to operate the grid and collect revenue so that the model becomes self-sustainable and they do not have to rely on outside support all the time.

Home-lighting Systems

Home-lighting systems are especially designed by G.R.I.D. to meet specific needs of households in communities. We carry out a survey in target communities before installing grids in order to understand people's needs and requirements. These systems can light up two LED bulbs, fan and also provide mobile charging points at a cost lower than what families typically spend on kerosene. The batteries installed in micro grids store electricity generated by solar power and provide it at desirable times. This makes sure that we can provide light at night to our customers, when it is most necessary. With light available at night, students can study for longer hours, women do not have to plan their schedule according to daylight timings and local entrepreneurs can earn extra income by being able to work during night.

Irrigation Solutions

Agriculture sector holds immense value for South Asian and East Asian countries. In India out of total employed people, about 50% are employed in the agriculture sector. Despite the critical importance it has for millions of households, agricultural activity is becoming economically unviable and one of the reasons is money spent on diesel pumps, which are used for irrigation. According to an estimate, there are about 6.3 million diesel pumps used in the Indian agricultural sector. These pumps are inefficient, cause pollution and are expensive, which leads to overall increase of input costs for irrigation.

G.R.I.D. hopes to address this issue by providing solar powered pumps to farmers, which will bring down their costs and provide energy in a sustainable manner. Maintaining and operating these pumps is cheaper compared to traditional diesel pumps. In addition to being used for irrigation, solar powered pumps can be used to pump drinking water and water for the cattle. Thus, we believe that the pumps are one big step towards creating revolution in the agriculture sector and make it an economically viable and environmentally sustainable livelihood option.

Consulting and Project Development

At G.R.I.D. we do not only provide electricity solutions, but also offer consultation and project development support to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. We strongly believe in the ethos of creating low-cost and clean energy solutions for large number of populations and will provide support to initiatives in this direction. Please contact us at info@gridpvtltd.com for further details regarding consultation and project development services.

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