Solar RO Plant

Solar RO Plant for healthier & stronger India

Healthy children make healthy nations. In an era when India is on the verge of reaping benefits of its demographic dividend, one cannot afford to neglect health. Access to safe drinking water is one of the essential things to improving health indicators of any region. To address this issue G.R.I.D. came up with an innovative solar RO technology that provides affordable and accessible safe drinking water in rural areas by using clean energy. It is a completely off-grid solution that utilizes solar energy and caters to the need of 1000 homes daily. The pilot for this project was inaugurated in village Ugalan, Haryana. Currently we are scaling it up to other areas that are suffering from energy poverty and water insecurity.

Solar Water Heater

Go green with Solar Water Heaters

As India is moving towards changing its energy mix for cleaner and brighter future you too can participate in this paradigmatic shift by installing Solar Water Heater. Heating water requires huge amount of energy and accounts for about 18-20% of your energy bills. Installing solar water heating system is a great way to bring down energy cost and reduce demand for polluting conventional energy. G.R.I.D. has installed solar thermal systems for Indian Army in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh that provides 4000 liters of hot water every day.

Community lighting

Community lighting for safer neighborhoods

Energy is an enabler on various fronts. Having access to modern form of clean energy is empowering on multiple levels wherein lack of it creates marginalization. For example lack of access to street lighting in a village seriously hampers mobility post-sunset, limits working hours, movement of women as well as raises serious security concerns. Taking this into account G.R.I.D. provided solar based community lighting system in Rajokri, Jammu & Kashmir to a remote community staying at a high altitude and changed their lives for brighter future.

Modular Solar Water Purifier

Modular Solar Water Purifier for remote locations

Remote locations are often characterized by multiple restrictions like disperse habitation, lack of energy access, difficult terrain etc. G.R.I.D.’s modular water purifier is designed to overcome these obstacles and provide safe drinking water to such areas using solar energy. It has a batter backup for 24 hours operations. It is portable, easy to assemble and re-commission. It is extremely useful for defense installations in forward areas, bus stops, schools in remote villages. G.R.I.D. is currently running 500 liters capacity Solar RO for Indian Army in Gurdaspur, Punjab.

Solar Lanterns

Solar Lanterns for energy-starved regions

Research has shown that students who have access to electricity perform significantly better than those who lack energy access. A solar lantern is the easiest, portable and most affordable solution to circumvent the lack of energy access and provide opportunity for students to unleash their potential. G.R.I.D. to fulfill its commitment towards brighter and healthier India, launched ‘Lighting Lives’ campaign in Mau, Uttar Pradesh and distributed hundreds of solar lanterns to bring light to thousands of lives.

Solar Microgrid for Lighting

Solar Microgrid for Lighting

Solar PV microgrids are the most cost-effective alternatives for electrifying and providing lighting in remote areas. G.R.I.D. has installed such microgirds for lighting barracks of Indian army in Jammy & Kashmir. Indian army spends huge sum of money on diesel generators while operating in remote areas. Solar PV microgrid is cleaner and cost-effective alternative for energy needs of our brave Indian soldiers serving on border.

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